Covid-19 awareness

TransAtlantic Services Limited

Covid-19 awareness

In the face of Covid-19, Transatlantic Catering Services Limited is committed to ensuring that all personnel are well protected and service delivery to our clients are uninterrupted whiles maintaining the highest standards with regards the quality and safety of all food products procured and delivered.

As a service provider, we are determined to ensure that all staff, vendors and visitors who conduct business with us adhere to all precautionary measures outlined upon entry into our facility.

Our catering crew is also well informed on the basic personal hygiene techniques to be employed so as to ensure that we deliver the best of meals and services to our clients without compromising food safety or quality.

  1. No travel to or from any prohibited locations as per guidelines issued by the relevant government authorities
  2. Individual temperature monitoring at the security check point
  3. Application of hand sanitizers at the security check point
  4. No display of corona virus- like symptoms
  5. Appropriate use of gloves and nose masks
  6. Frequent hand washing at all times using soap under running water.
  7. Frequent employee communication and updates as regards Covid-19
  8. Follow all other hygiene precautions as directed by the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Information and Ghana Health Service.

Stay safe, stay healthy….